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Our mission is to assist Pet Parents/Families in Connecticut with making final arrangements for their pets in a dignified, compassionate and caring manner.  We understand that a pet’s love is unconditional and they are an important part of your family. Beloved Companions, LLC was founded to help meet your needs as the grieving pet parent/family. When a pet is euthanized or passes at a veterinary hospital, the pet parent/family has the option to have their companion taken care of through any aftercare service of their choice. Even if your veterinarian does not suggest Beloved Companions, LLC you can make arrangements directly with us to have your companion removed, transported and returned home. Please notify your veterinarian or their staff to contact Beloved Companions, LLC and we will be on our way to pick up your companion as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

When a pet dies, many pet owners are fine letting their veterinarian handle the arrangements for their pet’s body for them. In the past, there were not many other alternatives, other than burying at home when your pet died. Your veterinarian found themselves acting as a mortician out of need rather than by choice. As most people now think of their pets as family members, pet memorial centers, also known as pet funeral homes, have now opened to support pet parents when their beloved pet passes away and handle their final wishes for them. Currently there are 700 pet funeral homes in the US.

Veterinary practices typically offer a cremation service to “take care” of your pet after it dies, but you need to consider that providing death care is not what they went to school to study. A veterinarian’s focus is treating your pet to keep them healthy and well, and give them a good quality of life as long as they can. Almost all vet clinics use a commercial pet cremation business, or in some cases, their own cremation equipment. However, if you are a pet parent who wants to make sure your pet is treated in a respectful and dignified manner, and as a family member, you need to ask some questions of your veterinary practice about the cremation services they provide.

Many times veterinarians may feel awkward offering death aftercare services with clients after they have euthanized their pet.  If they have had a long term relationship with you and your pet, the loss is one they experience and affects them too.  There may be a designated person in their practice who works with grieving clients. In your sad and emotional state you will be given a binder to look through and ask to pick out a package you would like to purchase for your pet’s cremation. Your veterinarian clinic is not offering this service to you out of the goodness of their heart. The commercial pet crematory sells the cremation packages to the veterinary practice at a wholesale price.  What once was provided out of necessity has become an income generating product for most clinics. In some cases, the commercial pet crematory may even provide the freezer to store the pets in. Can you imagine if physicians had a set up like this with human funeral homes?

Contrary to what many pet owner’s think, most veterinarian practices do not have a pet funeral service on call that comes to collect your pet as soon as it passes, unless you make those arrangements yourself. After death, your pet will be bagged and tagged and placed in a freezer, where it could be a few days or as long as 10 days, depending on how often their the commercial pet cremation service transports the pets to their cremation facility. Your pet will then be loaded into a vehicle with other pets being picked up that day and taken back to the cremation facility at the end of the day and sorted. The facility could be hours away; the drivers don’t return to their facility as soon as they pick up from one practice. This means your beloved pet is riding around all day in the back of a vehicle with other frozen and bagged pets.

As a concerned pet parent, you have the right to know about the aftercare that is provided for your pet so you can make a determination if the services offered are acceptable to you.

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